Cache Warm-up plugin


The Cache Warm-Up plugin can be used to schedule automated caching of frequent searches after data updates. This allows a better performance for end users.

Download and installation

The plugin code can be downloaded from the table below and installed on your DISQOVER instance. Following steps are necessary to install the plugin:

  1. Unzip the downloaded plugin in the /disqover/data/plugins/ folder on your DISQOVER instance. 
  2. Restart your DISQOVER instance.

DISQOVER version

Download plugin code

Version 6.20 and higher

After installation on the DISQOVER server, the Cache Warm-Up plugin will show up in the Plugins list of the Admin section.

Opening the plugin allows to add new schedules for warming up the cache.

Cache warm-up schedules

Schedule fields

  • Default Search: The search term(s) that need to be queried. 
  • Maximum number of results: A limit to how many instances need to be queried during the search. This is a required parameter for the API call.
Cache warm-up fields

Technical information and requirements

For more information on this Asset, please reach out to us!