Citeline PharmaProject RDS pipeline


Data model pipeline to offer the PharmaProjects Citeline data as a Remote Data Subscription (RDS) set.

Data set content

PharmaIntelligence offers Citeline as one of their products containing the PharmaProjects dataset. The Data Ingestion Engine pipeline provided here, integrates, and prepares this dataset obtained from the Informa API, to be published as Remote Data Subscription (RDS) set for further integrations on subscriber DISQOVER installations.

For more information, please reach out to us.

Data model PharmaProjects

The pipeline base configures the following data into canonical types:

  1. Drug

    This is the category covering all the drug data from PharmaProjects.

  2. Target

    This category covers all the referenced target data coming from PharmaProjects, e.g., Entrez Gene information to map to ONTOFORCEs public data.

  3. Disease

    This data category contains Disease data that belongs to the drugs.

  4. Pharmacokinetics

    This data category contains pharmacokinetics data belonging to the drugs.

  5. Key Event

    This category covers key event data related to the drugs.

  6. Patent

    This category covers patent data related to the drugs.

  7. Organization

    This data category contains organization information that belongs to the PharmaProjects drugs, e.g., licensee and originator companies.

  8. Drug Licensee
    This data category contains licensee data that belongs to the drugs, e.g., licensee country, status, ...

  9. Therapeutic Class

    This data category contains therapeutic class data that belongs to the drugs.

  10. Drug Country

    This data category contains country data that belongs to the drugs, e.g., the statuses of the drugs in each country, year launched, ...

  11. Classification

    Items linked to the other Canonical Types that have no noteworthy category. Examples are Mechanisms of Action, Indication Groups, Patient Segments, ...

For more information, see the Remote Data Subscription section of your DISQOVER instance.

Download and import

Download the pipeline yml file on your local computer. You can import the file into the DISQOVER Data Ingestion Engine (in a new or existing pipeline) by clicking on the opened pipeline menu bar and choosing import. 


Citeline PharmaProjects RDS pipeline to offer the data as an RDS dataset to subscriber DISQOVER installations.