Configuration Cache plugin


The Configuration Cache plugin is an event-processor* plugin that loads the local and remote DISQOVER configuration into cache in order to have a better performance of the platform. This better performance results in faster loading of the search pages, dashboards (for local and/or remote canonical types) and first page facet values.

* More information about the different DISQOVER plugin types can be found here.

Download and installation

The plugin code can be downloaded from the table below and installed on your DISQOVER instance. Following steps are necessary to install the plugin:

  1. Unzip the downloaded plugin in the /disqover/data/plugins/ folder on your DISQOVER instance.
  2. Restart your DISQOVER instance.
  3. Create a schedule for the plugin (Admin > Plugins) to run the code automatically or manually on a frequent basis.

DISQOVER version

Download plugin code

Version 6.71 and higher

Configuration Cache plugin v1.1

Known limitations

The Configuration Cache plugin will cache the configuration for both local and remote data. Optionally, to increase the performance of the plugin, you can choose to only execute for local data caching after local pipeline runs are performed.