My watched or saved dashboard no longer works since the last federation update. What now?

Configuration changes of the federated data model can break up some saved/watched searches. This may be the case when the search has a dependency on no longer existing properties and/or facets.

The Discovery Overview feature helps to remind you how the search query was built by describing the complete search path in detail. The Discovery overview button can be found on the top of grouped dashboard representing one search path (hover over a dashboard to visualise).

Watched dashboard 1

The Discovery overview shows a schematic overview of your search by showing different dashboards as tiles and the links between them as arrows.

Watched dashboard 2

Each tile can be clicked to visit the corresponding dashboard. On the top of the dashboard, under the data type name, the breadcrumb is displayed representing the active filters in that dashboard (filters applied during that step of the search). Any broken filters from the latest data update will be displayed as an error. Use the latest Public Data release notes (cfr. configuration changes) to modify the search.

Watched dashboard 3

Once the search path has been adjusted to the new data model, the dashboard needs to be re-watched or re-saved in order to keep up with future data changes.

Watched dashboard 4