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Gene Base pipeline


Data model for ingesting the Gene Remote Data Subscription (RDS) data set from ONTOFORCE.

Data set content

ONTOFORCE’s Gene Remote Data Subscription data set offers annotated and reviewed species-specific genes. Additionally it also contains data about cross-references between multiple genomic databases. Gene function, homology (between species) and genomic location data is also included. The data set offers annotated transcript data across different species and the data set contains info about genes that are homologous across distinct species. For details, see  the Gene RDS data set documentation.  

Download and import

  1. Download and unzip the zipped pipeline yml file (see table below).
  2. Import the pipeline yml file into the DISQOVER Data Ingestion Engine (in a new or existing pipeline) by clicking on the Pipeline menu button () in the opened pipeline menu bar and choosing Import pipeline from the drop-down list. 

DISQOVER version

Download pipeline

Version 6.60 and higher

Gene Base pipeline

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