How can public data - provided by ONTOFORCE - be integrated?

Methods for public data integration

Public data in DISQOVER refers to any freely and publicly available life science and healthcare data. There are two methods for integrating public data on your own DISQOVER instance, which can be used separately or combined: 

  • Integration through RDS data sets
  • Integration through Federation
Methods integrate public data

Integration through RDS data sets

With Remote Data Subscription (RDS), you can retrieve specific data sets of your choice and ingest them in the Data Ingestion Engine. This leaves you full freedom to make data integration choices to fully comply with the use cases. Data integrated using this method is tagged as local data, since it is stored on your machine.

Integrate public data as RDS data sets

Integration through Federation

Federation is a just-in-time method to simultaneously search for your internal data and data from the public domain without the need to ingest the data yourself. This data remains remote.

Integrate public data as federation