How to use the API?

DISQOVER REST API and Python API library

DISQOVER is accessible via the API. You can find the API swagger documentation via or on your own DISQOVER instance via <Your DISQOVER URL>/api/v2/disq-swagger-ui after login.

API swagger doc

A DISQOVER Python API library is freely available for download. The library provides a wrapper around the API exposed by DISQOVER. It strives to provide a DSL that encapsulates the concepts provided in DISQOVER in a uniform manner, while hiding the nitty gritty of the individual API calls. 

You can use PIP to install this library:

pip install disqover-api --extra-index-url=


Below you can find examples for the use of the DISQOVER Python API library. Each example is worked out in a Jupyter notebook file (.ipynb) and published as a html file.

DISQOVER Configuration and Ontology

Get information about the DISQOVER data configuration (which canonical types are available, which properties and provenance do they have) and the ontology (which data sources are available and how are they linked) from the Data Query API.

Query Data

Retrieve results by querying instances and their properties from the DISQOVER data.