List Search plugin


The List Search plugin is an instance-search* plugin that provides a new search input method that searches for an OR combination of a given list of whitespace separated identifiers or labels. The list can be directly copied from a text file, a column in a csv or excel file, etc. 

* More information about the different DISQOVER plugin types can be found here.

Download and installation

The plugin code can be downloaded from the table below and installed on your DISQOVER instance. Following steps are necessary to install the plugin:

  1. Unzip the downloaded plugin in the /disqover/data/plugins/ folder on your DISQOVER instance. 
  2. Copy the identifier_search_widget folder into data/frontend/plugins/.
  3. Restart your DISQOVER instance.
  4. Create a search template that uses the plugin.

DISQOVER version

Download plugin code

Version 6.20 and higher

List Search plugin

After the installation on the DISQOVER server, the List Search plugin will show up in the Plugins list of the Admin section, and a new widget will be available for addition on a search page.

List Search

Plugin settings

  • Canonical Type: For optimal performance, you can specify the URI of the canonical type in which you want to search.

Technical information and requirements

The plugin works best when the amount of search instances is below 500. To improve the performance, you can optionally add a canonical type URI in the global settings of your plugin. This will filter the results to this canonical type and can improve the performance.

For more information on this Asset, please reach out to us!