ORCiD Download plugin


The ORCiD Download plugin is a batch-transform* plugin that allows a data scientist to gather information from the ORCiD source using an ORCiD. 

* More information about the different DISQOVER plugin types can be found here.

Download and installation

The plugin code can be downloaded from the table below and installed on your DISQOVER instance. Following steps are necessary to install the plugin:

  1. Unzip the downloaded plugin in the /disqover/data/plugins/ folder on your DISQOVER instance. 
  2. Restart your DISQOVER instance.

DISQOVER version

Download plugin code

Version 6.10 and higher

ORCiD Download plugin  

After installation on the DISQOVER server, the ORCiD Download  plugin will show up in the list of components in the Plugins section.

Component fields

Input predicates section

  • Input ORCiD ID: he predicate containing the ORCiD of a person. This will be used to query the Public API of ORCiD


  • Clear previously stored data: Boolean toggle to remove the downloaded data from a previous run (cached data).

Output predicates section

  • Output predicate: The output predicate in which the ORCiD data (in dict format) will be stored.


The component will output a dict with the ORCiD data, including the matched ORCiD person name(s), affiliations, etc. An example of the output format is shown below:

{"orcid_uri": <orcid-identifier-uri>, ..., "first_name": <first name string>, ..., "educations": [<organization>,...], "works": [<organization>,...], ...}

Technical information and requirements

The plugin is built using the free to use Public API from ORCiD, which is limited to 10.000 requests per day. To limit the load to this API, the input and responses captured for the plugin are cached.

For more information on this Asset, please reach out to us!