Plotly microservice


With the Plotly microservice graphs can be generated that can be shown in DISQOVER. The Plotly microservice is running in a Docker container and generates plots when addressed through URL requests.

The plots are made on the go and can be rendered as interactive graphs in a DISQOVER Instance detail window using an iframe (Figure 1), or in a DISQOVER Dashboard using the "Instance list linkout" component (Figure 2). 

Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 20.22.15.png
Figure 1
Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 20.24.07.png
Figure 2

Download and installation

The package to deploy the Plotly microservice can be downloaded here. Please check the included README file for more details on the installation and configuration.

Testing material

The package also contains some testing material to get the microservice up and running:

    • A tsv file with mock data
    • A small pipeline to ingest the data and generate the iframe predicate
    • Dashboard and Instance details window templates

To display other data some adaptations would need to happen to the script, e.g. uri's of the properties holding the predicates of interest and graph titles and legends.

Larger adaptations are also possible, e.g. changing the plot type (the figure is made using Plotly,, or changing the layout of the page (the layout is generated with Dash,

For more information on this Asset, please reach out to us!