Template and Settings Transfer plugin


The Template and Settings Transfer plugin is an event-processor* plugin that can be used to start a migration of templates, user views and template settings (system default template settings and available templates per user view) from one local environment (source server) to another (destination server).

* More information about the different DISQOVER plugin types can be found here.

Download and installation

The plugin code can be downloaded from the table below and installed on your DISQOVER instance. Following steps are necessary to install the plugin:

  1. Unzip the downloaded plugin in the /disqover/data/plugins/ folder on your DISQOVER instance.
  2. Restart your DISQOVER instance.

DISQOVER version

Download plugin code

Version 6.40 and higher

Template and Settings Transfer plugin

After the installation on the DISQOVER server, the Template and Settings Transfer plugin will show up in the Plugins list of the Admin section.

Opening the plugin allows to add new schedules for migration.

Template schedulesSchedule fields

  • URL Server Destination: The destination URL to which the templates need to be copied.
  • User Name: User that can log into the destination server.
  • User Password: User password for the destination server.
  • Copy Templates: Toggle to include the copy of templates (yes/no). If a User View is specified, this will copy the templates available for that User View only.
  • Template Type: Type of the templates to be transferred ("Global" for only global templates, "Local" for only local templates, "All" for both global and local templates).
  • Copy Template Settings: Copy the template system default settings. If a User View is specified, this will copy the settings of that User View only.
  • Copy for UserView: Toggle to execute options above for specified User View only.
  • Select User View (optional): The name of the User View you want to copy the templates and/or settings for. For the default user view, specify "default". Note: when 'Copy for Userview' toggled off, leave this field black to copy all templates.

Template schedules fields

Technical information and requirements

The copy of the templates will overwrite existing templates on the destination server based on template ID. 

The copy of the template system default settings will overwrite the existing settings of the user views if they were already present (overwrite done based on user view ID). No user views will be removed/overwritten on the destination server if they are not copied from the source server.

Copy done for a specified user view which has user group dependencies (as defined by the source server), requires the same user group(s) to be present on the destination server (based on user group ID). If a user group doesn’t exist on the destination server, the user view's dependency is removed for that user group.

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