User Log pipeline


Data model for ingesting the User Log information of a DISQOVER installation.

Data set content

DISQOVER is able monitor the activity on the platform and analyze usage statistics, user interaction and much more. This data is stored in a compressed format on the server and can be ingested in the Data Ingestion Engine to access in DISQOVER. 

For more information on accessing and structuring the usage metrics data, please reach out to us.

Data model

The pipeline base configures the following data into canonical types:

  1. User
    This is the category covering all the user data on the platform such as the account creation date, number of sessions, account status, ... 

  2. Session
    This category covers all the session information on the DISQOVER installation. In general, a session stops after 30 minutes of inactivity. Information such as the user of the session, the Canonical Types searched, the links followed, the number of Actions, ... is retrievable in this Canonical Type.

  3. Action
    This data category covers all data on the actions that happened during a session. Examples of information that can be retrieved in this Canonical Type are URIs of opened instances, which Facets were added, type of filtering, ...

  4. Uncategorized
    Items linked to the other Canonical Types that have no noteworthy category.

For more information, see the Data Ingestion Configuration in the Data tab of your DISQOVER instance.

Download and import

Download the pipeline yml file(s) on your local computer. You can import the file(s) into the DISQOVER Data Ingestion Engine (in a new or existing pipeline) by clicking on the opened pipeline menu bar and choosing import. 


User Log base pipeline to import DISQOVER User, Session and Action information of a DISQOVER instance.