How to select the right clinical sites that fit your specific clinical study needs? It’s a daunting and time-consuming task.

Staggering statistics show that 45% of clinical trials are complete late, 70% experience start-up delay and 80% fail to meet their initial target enrollment on time! Site selection hinges on people’s knowledge, expertise and experience of working with experts. Next to that, available supportive data is mostly siloed and there is insufficient awareness of already existing information, within or outside the organization. Our Linked Data Platform DISQOVER enables you to create an enterprise wide solution to integrate and mine up-to-date internal and public data. This can be used to integrate clinical trial data and public information to detect Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

What you will learn

• Which public data sources could be used to provide insights about potential clinical trial sites and KOLs.

• How to integrate clinical trial registry data with providing information to assist in solving the above use case.

• How this data can be searched and visualized in DISQOVER.


Filip Pattyn

Scientific Advisor


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