What are Remote Data Subscription (RDS) data sets?

Pipeline modules

Since version 6.00 of DISQOVER, data can now be distributed between DISQOVER platforms using the Remote Data Subscription (RDS) feature.

The use of RDS datasets allows any DISQOVER installation to divide large ingestion pipelines into smaller modules allowing for efficient updates. The output of these modules can then easily be ingested into an integrated pipeline. As such, the separate modules can easily be maintained, and the run of these modules could be performed in parallel when they are located on different machines.

Integrate public data as RDS data sets

Domain specific RDS sets

Remote DISQOVER data, currently available through federation, is being separated into data domain specific RDS modules. These public modules, which are downloaded for integration on your local machine through subscription from the rds.disqover.com publisher, will co-exist with the federation system, which pulls in remote data at query time. In case such a module needs to replace partitions of the federated data, federation for a specific domain can be disabled.

Subscribing to ONTOFORCE's RDS data allows you to specify which data sets to ingest. It also gives you full freedom to make data integration choices, that is, to modify the data model in such a way that it is optimally compatible with your use cases, without the need for doing full data source integration, assembly and curation.

In order to adjust the RDS data to better fit a data model that serves your use case, you can find the documentation of the ingestion process and the model used for each RDS data set here