What are the recommended server specifications?

Server size

For DISQOVER to run on a server, we recommend the server specifications below. 




 (Up to 250 million triples)

r5.2xlarge EC2 instance or equivalent:

    • 8VPU/64GB memory
    • Min 512GB SSD fast disk


(Up to 10 billion triples)

i3.8xlarge EC2 instance or equivalent:

    • 256GB memory
    • Min 2TB fast disk


The installation of the DISQOVER application has following requirements:

    • A Linux server with CentOS 7, RHEL 7, Amazon Linux 2, Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 as OS.
    • A running Docker service. If this is not yet installed, then the installation package will try
      to install Docker CE (Community Edition). Note that for some OS, e.g. RHEL, this is not
      standard available. In that case the user should provide a pre-installed Docker service.
    • An OS user which can manage the Docker service (typically this user must be part of the
      Docker group). This user can added by the installation package or can be pre-existing.
    • An empty directory which is owned by the chosen OS user. This directory can added by
      the installation script or can be pre-existing. 

Firewall rules

The following resources must be accessible or whitelisted by the firewall for the DISQOVER
installer to be functional:

  • rpm.ontoforce.com the installation package for RedHat based OS (All traffic for,,,,
  • apt.ontoforce.com the installation package for debian based OS (All traffic for,,,,
  • ecr.disqover.com the DISQOVER ECR repository for docker images (HTTP / HTTPS

The DISQOVER installer can also install Docker on the host server, as mentioned above. To
allow this the following URLs must be whitelisted. If these are not whitelisted, the proper Docker
version should be preinstalled.

The following URLs must be whitelisted for the DISQOVER usage logging mechanism to be

  • s3.amazonaws.com (For DISQOVER usage logs which are sent encrypted to Ontoforce and for DISQOVER instance exports of federated data).
  • s3-us-east-1.amazonaws.com (For DISQOVER usage logs which are sent encrypted
    to Ontoforce).
  • *.pendo.io inbound and outbound (For the tool Pendo that is used for usage statistics tracking).

Optionally, the following URLs can also be whitelisted:

The DISQOVER UI client uses Pendo (https://www.pendo.io/) for user analytics. For the user
analytics tracking to work, the client (i.e. the users’ computer, not the DISQOVER server) must
have the following rules configured:

Optionally the rules for Pendo can be defined more strictly:

Inbound (needed to get script and display content from Pendo)

Outbound (needed to send analytics and guide responses to Pendo)