What defines remote and local data?

Remote versus local data

A distinction is made between remote (public) and local (private) data in DISQOVER.

  • Local data consists of your company's integrated data stored on your local DISQOVER machine. This may include private data or additional integrated public data sources not commonly integrated in DISQOVER. Updates of this data are managed by the expert team at your organization.
  • Remote data is DISQOVER's curation of public data sources standard available. This data is not stored on your local machine and is being managed and updated by ONTOFORCE.

Integrate public data as federation

The different DISQOVER categories can be purely remote, local or a mixture of both local and remote data. In the latter two cases, the in-house company logo will be added to the category on the search page. In the Result details window, the data source (local or remote) is displayed on top of each pop-up.