What is the Data Ingestion Engine?


DISQOVER is equipped with a powerful Data Ingestion Engine for the import, transformation, linking and integration of public, private and third-party data into DISQOVER.

DIE process

The Data Ingestion Engine tool in DISQOVER provides a visual workflow for building a pipeline, which offers a wide range of powerful components. The engine can integrate data from a variety of siloed sources and tracking data dependencies throughout the entire pipeline. Thanks to this, you can see the provenance of every information field in DISQOVER.



Ingesting new data into DISQOVER does not require writing extensive code, while retaining the same level of power and flexibility as handwritten code. Moreover, compared to conventional technologies like relational databases or triple stores, the Data Ingestion Engine performs ultra-fast bulk-linking and inferencing.


DISQOVER’s Data Ingestion Engine uses a unique proprietary technology to efficiently process extensively linked big data, relying on a partially denormalized triple store using column-oriented storage. The Data Ingestion Engine is designed for ultra-fast bulk-linking and inferencing.